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As an organization, we firmly believe that every individual/organization has a unique proposition to offer to the world. Every individual has a unique story to tell and an innovation to create in his/her lifetime. We are there to support first time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs as well as firms/corporates etc. to realize this dream.
Our approach is a synergy of innovation with practical and result oriented strategic planning so that it leads to optimization of their resources and allow them to achieve the best ROI. There are various educational institutions who also want to support entrepreneurs, but are not that much trained into the art of running an incubator. Thus, supporting, channelizing and walking the talk with the entrepreneur, incubator/incubate becomes all the more important and we are here to do just that. We plan to create an ecosystem for professionals from various domains to participate and encourage new ideas. The main purpose of our mentoring as well as funding platform is to make available, all the stakeholder under one roof to help budding entrepreneurs with specific skills and expertise by sharing their knowledge and contacts harvested through their years of experience. It is a one stop solution wherein we will be there for the “Idea” for it’s entire life cycle from the creation to realization of a project.

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