God of content: Hashtags?

Hashtag is a tag used to reference content into appropriate categories. It cannot be emphasized enough, how hashtags help your content to:

1. Get identified

2. Be accessible

3. Read by the right people.

A few benefits of using hashtags:

  1. It is a great personal branding tool
  2. Useful for marketing or promotions
  3. Easy to find content
  4. A greater level of engagement

Remember a hashtag if used in connection to branding, then:

  1. It has to be unique
  2. Distinct enough to create an identity
  3. Catchy to be trending
  4. Simple
  5. Relateable
  6. Conceptualizes the topic
  7. Resonate with your posts

A hashtag can be short or long. You can use a one or more hashtags on a post, combining generic and personalized hashtags. For example:

#saaplyalert #saaply #startups #agri #india

#saaplyalert and #saaply are personalized hashtags of Search Access and Apply aka SAAply.

In case you are using or planing to use hashtags that combines or includes the name of the product or company and it is either applied for or a registered trademark. Then do remember to add a disclaimer on the posts or newsletters stating that the Hashtag has a registered or applied-for trademark, this will prevent the dilution of the trademark.

To generate a non-infringing personalized hashtags one can take a few precautions:

  1. Stay focused: Create the hashtag (s) related to your own brand.

2. Run a search: Check if the word that you wish to use is available and not someone’s trademark.

Below is a list of free Hashtag generators and tools to generate generic hashtags:

  1. Quick tools by Picsart: a simple to use Hashtag generator which you could screen and use for your posts. Link: https://tools.picsart.com/
  2. Webmatrices App’s Linkedin Hashtag Generator is a free online tool to generate hashtags. It gives you the list within seconds. Link: https://apps.webmatrices.com/linkedin-hashtags
  3. If looking for country-specific hashtags, use Tucktools’ Linkedin Hashtag generator. Link: https://www.tucktools.com/linkedin-hashtag-generator

4. Inlytics is a searchable hashtag database and generator. Link: https://www.inlytics.io/tools/overview

5. LazyApply’s Linkedin Hashtags generator

Link: https://lazyapply.com/linkedin-hashtags-generator

6. Circleboom’s Linkedin Hashtags generator Link: https://circleboom.com/blog/best-linkedin-hashtag-generator/

7. TagsFinder Link: https://www.tagsfinder.com/en-us/?ref=buffer.com

For more tools read this article:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-best-hashtag-generator-tools-2021-gaurav-sharma/

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God of content: Hashtags?

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