People land in the entrepreneurial world for many reasons. For some, money is the driving force whereas for others desire to do something new while creating value in the ecosystem is the most important factor.  In the good old days entrepreneurs are rarely motivated solely by money but they did achieve great wealth because they believed in what they were doing and injected personal core values while building a business: Wealth was their reward. For instance: Tata, Birla, Parry’s Britania and Wadia group succeeded in the cut throat world of business due to their core value system. They not only believed in adding value to the business world but also created a place in the mind of their customers.

When it comes to new-age entrepreneur, this lot is very different in more ways than one. They are primarily driven by the urge to gain socio-economic independence and implement their ideas while creating a market opportunity simultaneously  in the existing ecosystem. They are innovators who identify new opportunity in the existing market and create a business which no one had thought about. Trying new approach and innovative method is their hallmark. They are driven by an ASPIRATION, a cause that stretches beyond making MONEY. They are no longer concerned  with profit alone but start their entrepreneurial journey with a distinct purpose in mind. One of the secrets to success for these new generation of entrepreneurs is their focus on a purpose that stretches beyond PROFITS or MONETARY REWARD.  Their risk taking attitude and an eye for identifying new opportunity in an existing market has inspired many and ultimately created a path for others to follow suit.

During pandemic, we have seen the world coming to a standstill but it did the opposite for the new age entrepreneur. They saw pandemic as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. majority of the young entrepreneur venture in the business world with new ideas and made it. One thing that is very interesting is that New age entrepreneurs are starting their journey at a younger age, at that age money is never the primary motive. They started ideating during their school years and with proper guidance  and motivation entered the ecosystem way before their well-established competitors. Age is not a factor for anyone as long as you have an idea and it’s commercially viable.

One such entrepreneur is Ankur Dahiya, who started an e-commerce platform for people residing in rural areas during the first wave of covid with an aim to connect villagers to online shopping through a network of micro entrepreneurs. His venture is called ROZANA, which has over 10,000 village partners or “saarthis”, who help customers place online orders and make last-mile delivery efficient.

It is commendable to see that present day entrepreneur are doing  what they love. The aspiration for converting their ideas into a career and then simultaneously making good money from it makes them a better entrepreneurs.

Kudos to them and we hope to see many more joining the ecosystem in the coming years…

What is important for new age entrepreneur – Money or Managing Aspiration

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