What is Technology Transfer Office?

A Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is an organization that serves as a bridge between research institutions, innovators or startups, and the private sector, facilitating the transformation of research and development (R&D) into market-ready products and services.

One example is the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, which partners with various organizations to turn the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’s research into public health solutions.

TTOs manage

 -Intellectual Property,

– License agreements,

– Contract research,

– other legal aspects of technology transfer.

Some of them also support entrepreneurs and startups by providing funding access, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

There are different types of TTOs which include:

  • Traditional TTOs: Manage IP assets and transfer knowledge within universities and research institutions.
  • Science and Technology Parks (STPs): Foster company growth through technology transfer and open innovation.
  • Technology Incubators: Help startups develop their businesses through training, financing, and brokering.
  • IP Marketplaces: Online platforms connecting buyers and sellers of intellectual property.
  • RTTOs: Regional Technology Transfer Offices set up with support from the National Biopharma Mission.
  • Facilitation Centres which support innovators with patent information and resources for innovation and commercialization. These include:

-MSME Facilitation Centres

-IP and Technology Management Cell

– Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs)

– Ministry of Education-Innovation Cell.

Traditional TTOs may be named differently across the world from one organization to another. Some of the examples of TTOs include:

Intellectual Property Cell: University of Pune, IISER, Pune, IIT Kanpur, Aligarh Muslim University

Technology Licensing Office (TLO): MIT

Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing: IISc Bangalore

Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre: IIT Bombay

Technology Management Office :UCSF

Research Contracts and IP Services Office :University of Michigan

Technology Transfer Interface :University of Utah

Industry Liaisons Office :University of Texas at Austin

Technology Enabling Centre : TEC-BITS Pilani, TEC-Chitkara University

IP and Technology Management Office :University of Wisconsin-Madison

IP Management Cell: Jawaharlal. Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

Nucleus of Technological Innovation :University of Campinas (Brazil)

Innovation Protection Unit: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

Thus, you can see how important role a Technology Transfer Office has in facilitating transfer of research from lab to market.

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What is Technology Transfer Office?

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